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Process Control and Automation 

Maks Wilde

Michael Kessler

Mike Kessler

Kessler Industrial Controls

KIC Control Systems

KIC Controls

Process Automation

We offer programming solutions on the Foxboro I/A control system. 

Designing an effective control solution requires a good understanding of the entire process including instrumentation and control hardware. We strive to build process control system solutions that are robust, reliable and easy to maintain. 

Advanced Process Control

Reducing variability of process variables is the key to running your process at its maximum potential. A steady well controlled process enables your operators to push the process to its limits, reduce energy costs, while maintaining product quality. We do this by tuning existing loops and implementing cascade and/or feed forward loops. 


Good feedback control starts with good instrumentation that is installed correctly. We identify instrumentation that is not performing and repair or replace as required.  

What We Do


Foxboro I/A DCS, PLC, Standalone controllers, HMI's. We design and build systems that are cost effective, reliable, robust and maintainable. Click below to see an example of our ASME level 3 graphics.  

SMART Reporting

We identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that track your process performance and generate automated reports based on Process, Lab, and Operator entered data. 

SMART Migration

We replace obsolete panels, control systems (Hardware/software).We deliver turnkey solutions (Controls design, electrical, programming). 

Systems Integration

We have over 20 years experience working with Foxboro I/A DCS, Allen Bradley, Modicon. 

Start-Up Assistance

We provide assistance starting up your new plant or process. Program verification, Field support, loop checks, tuning. 


We diagnose and correct issues with existing controls programs, electrical panels, wiring and instrumentation.


Maks Wilde

Michael Kessler

Mike Kessler

Kessler Industrial Controls

KIC Control Systems

KIC Controls



Kessler Industrial Controls Inc. incorporated in 2000. We provide SMART process control and automation solutions for the process industries in Canada and Mexico. 


Process Experience

Control System Design, Programming, Commissioning and Start-up for the following process units in Oil, pulp and paper, power generation, waste water treatment, food and beverage, metals and mining:
Adesp                                                         Boiler,Furnace,Dryer combustion control      Crude oil heater safety systems                 Cogen (Cloud Based Interface to Foxboro)    Decanters                                                   Distillation Control                        
Steam tube drying                                      Gas fired drying 
Heat recovery                                             Falling/Rising Film Evaporation                     Fermentation                                              Molecular Sieve Drying                                Product loading  (Accuload/Foxboro)         Pulp and paper basis Weight, Headbox        Roasting                                                      Safety systems interface Crude Heater        Spray drying                                                Waste water
Water purification                                       Jet cooker automation
Heat recovery                                             Corn starch de-watering and drying


San Miguel de Allende


Checkout Facility

641 Colby Drive

Waterloo, Ontario



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