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Most traditional HMI's use bright saturated colors that were originally chosen based on arbitrary criteria that over time became the plant standard. SMART HMI's focus operating personnel on the process issues that require immediate attention by using color intelligently and displaying information in a manner that is easy for the operator to recognize process issues. 

By choosing color standards that draw attention to the most critical events and designing graphics objects that promote best operating practices, we design SMART HMI's that reduce operator error, quicken response time to process upsets, reduce operator training, and suggest when the controls strategy requires re-evaluation. 

As the process evolves over time it can be a challenge keeping the controls programming effective and up to date. By pointing out nuisance alarms, broken auto logic for devices, Local/Remote programming for controllers that no longer work, SMART HMI's provide the operations, maintenance, and controls teams the feedback they need to continually maintain and improve the control system.    

What draws your attention?

Traditional Graphic

Red shows failed valve, yellow M shows devices that should be in Auto. Yellow INH shows inhibited alarm. 


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